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Stainless work
Stainless work

When it comes to food factories, pharmaceutical companies and breweries, product contamination is not an option. That's why our clients seek our work producing and installing stainless steel pipelines, welded purged to keep a clean profile inside the pipe and guarantee that no contamination will occur to the product.

Highly resistant to corrosion, stainless steel pipes welded by our highly skilled welders will guarantee that products such as food, drinks and others materials will be produced with no risk of contamination.

Geberit Mapress
Geberit Mapress

Geberit Mapress is a hazard-free alternative to pipelines, with no open flame required to make a secure connection.

Mapress is available in stainless, copper and carbon steel, and is suitable for use on supply systems including heating, cooling, gas and potable water. It can variate from 15mm to 76mm and it has been one of our clients most requested solutions to supply systems.


Electrofusion is a method of joining MDPE, HDPE and other plastic pipes using special fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together.

Electrofusion fittings are specifically designed for reliable and high performance.

We also undertake Industrial Plumbing. Heat systems, toilets, sinks and industrial plumbing in general.

Ongoing support

Once a project is completed at our client's premises, we continue to support and assist our clients with maintenance services to pipelines to ensure our clients do not stop.

Working in shifts that fit our clients, we will go forward and beyond as a team for our client's needs.

When it comes to pipe engineering solutions, our competitive quotes have kept our clients from looking anywhere else.

Welding Norfolk
Welding and pipework Norfolk

We bring solutions

We maintain communication with a web of other partner's companies to bring to you anything that is needed, from project management, fabrication, boiler services, pluming solutions, consulting, valve testing, systems testing, anything that needs to be converted in a result for our clients, we are there to help.

Just get in contact with us and we will find a way to transform your idea into a work system.

Support when needed most

When working in production lines, things don't always go well, and sometimes, situations cannot wait to be looked at. Therefore, our clients rely on ENP when an unexpected situation occurs.

Our clients are not left alone when they need it most, and contacting our engineers for assistance at any time, we will arrange the support needed as quickly as we can, to ensure the security of our client's processes and their peace of mind.

So, rest assured that whenever it's needed, we will be there to help you on the journey.


Pipework solutions, Norfolk

We have worked alongside ENP on more than one occasion, as a whole their industry knowledge in pipework is second to none, their work ethic excels when you see the finished product whether it's a new installation or an alteration. I'd call East Norfolk Pipework an honest reliable service keep up the good work guys.

Miles Darrington, ACM Fabrications